Arcade League General Rules




Game Play:

Each week two main games and a wild card will be featured. Each team will compete head to head in each game. A game consists of 5 matches. Pending on which game is featured the team will delegate who plays which match. The team that wins best out of 5 matches wins the game. Teams will play both games in one evening.



Check in Time 6:30-7:00 pm Game Time Window, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm Upon check in each week teams will receive their game times. Teams will have a designated time to participate in their games. All teams eventually face each other in the season. During downtime teams are encouraged to enjoy the rest Headquarters and play the wild card game.


Scoring Elements:

  1. A win gives a team 100 points.

  2. The individual player with the highest game score on a specific game each week is awarded 100 points for their team.

  3. The individual who scores the highest on the "Wild Card" game is awarded 50 points for their team.

The top 6 teams will compete in the playoff round. Playoff seeds will be posted in the 7th week.



Playoff winner will receive a premium gift certificate from our bar partners. 



A team will be penalized if the the minimal 4 team members do not show. 25% of the teams final score will be deducted.



Each team shall designate a captain before the games begin. This captain is the ONLY person permitted to discuss the game with the referee’s during game play. Any angry mob that approaches the referee during game play will be issued one verbal warning. If the instance occurs again, the game will be scored as a forfeit. Malicious insults will not be tolerated. We are here to have fun, not put down other players. If this occurs, the player will receive one verbal warning. If this occurs again, the player will be called out for the game. If this occurs a third time, the player will be ejected from the bar for that night's game series.